Sex is to make babies .
In all animals., insects, plants

Why is it not for you?

That is the question that you need to answer.
Let me help you . . .

Become a follower of Nature – and join The Natural Detective

You CAN Get Pregnant!

And stay happily pregnant birthing a better baby . . .


Reverse Infertility Naturally!

Did you know the real reason why
you may not be making your family naturally is because…

in today’s modern world,
chemically ‘toxic environment’ is quietly
‘killing off your body’s natural ability’ to create healthy sperm and/ or produce viable eggs?



The Real Truth Medical Doctors Don’t Necessarily Notice Is

Simple . . .obvious when we open up the discussion and easy to alter .  . BUT

They Instead of Correcting This Toxic Mess, Go to Commonly Accepted Fertility Drugs like Clomid, and
Popular Fertility Treatments like IVF, ICSI, which also can not only
long term health complications

but these maybe are
partially or directly responsible fo
r conception of an unhealthy embryo.

Using sperm from a count of 4% or Less Looking Visually Normal may result in a
tragic miscarriage – often more than you think!

If, as the prospective dad, you  have been diagnosed with

  • blocked tubes,
  • low sperm counts or
  • poor sperm quality
  • poor/low sperm motility or
  • ‘unexplained infertility’


Please read this important letter as it is vital to conceiving a healthy baby.


Please…  Don’t Waste Your Money or Continue To Suffer Needlessly…
Possibly Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Fertility Treatments, and Enduring Fertility Drugs and Submitting her to Painful Injections, only to end up enduring the heartbreak of Years of Failed Attempts and Possibly Still No Babies in Arms


Potentially – (please research this yourself as no one else will tell you . . .)

  • TRIPLING Her Risk of
  • Ovarian Cancer, plus
  • Causing Problems With Multiple Pregnancies
  • Serious Premature Birth Problems,
  • Increasing an Unborn Baby’s Chances of Brain Damage 9 Times!

Why not . . . .


Pay attention to why Nature is saying NO at the moment??


Funding the $$$$ Fertility Market!




Find Out How You Can Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance and Get Baby Ready  NOW!



“Babies happen only when both parents can make a perfect replica of themselves.

Often it is forgotten that Dads make half of the baby.
Women can’t do it all by themselves.”

A really common scenario – if I, (as a natural fertility specialist), am consulted FIRST – natural babies happen.

Anna was told that donor eggs were her only option – she wanted me to make her body baby – ready for the embryos that IVF were hopefully to make with his sperm and her friend’s donated eggs. I wondered what quality the sperm was  – and she said (as she had been told) – ‘great’!!  Doubting this, and knowing that babies are half his contribution – I suggested that she make the changes that she could, easily at home.  Just in case . . .

Sperm can always be better – I gave her the ‘recipe’ and she went off to implement this – I also gave her an easy tip that seems to have been lost with IVF business. The donor egg cycle failed (too soon for his sperm to be in a better state?) – and his sperm were obviously good enough later, as after years of them trying, against all the medicos said – she was spontaneously pregnant – after his sperm were given the boost that they needed.


This story is often repeated – get well and babies just magically happen.

To: All the Childless Couples – who want to get pregnant…

From the Desk Of: Heather Bruce – Natural Fertility Detective

heather_bruce-smlDear (as yet ) Childless,

For couples who are struggling to get pregnant…

If you have been told you and/or your partner are “infertile”… I can help you get baby ready and likely pregnant – by the end of this letter you will know exactly what you need to do.

No need to “try .   . ”

Nature can help you to conceive naturally – and then carry to a full-term birth with a healthy and happy baby!

My name is Heather Bruce. I’ve been an Acupuncture Consultant, Naturopath, Herbalist, Lifestyle Counselor, and Natural Fertility Detective and Natural Pregnancy Coach for the nearly four decades. Recently I have added to this teh Maya/Arvigo(R) and Mercier training meaning I am one of a kind – historically the longest standing natural health care provider on this side of assisting couples to become families – and now realising that the real reasons are not to be found in university degrees – but in what the wise elders in farming and agriculture – all knew – that the ingredients for life need to be biologically available and the flows of nutrients need to get to where they are designed to be.

This means – a step away from being ‘clever’ as per medical and university training and ‘recent research’ and back into accepting that Nature is saying ‘NO’ and you need to reverse this.

What ever it takes. .as then you want to make a perfect pregnancy – not just a blue line in a test kit – and a perfectly formed full term healthy baby with an easy pregnancy and birth and maternal flows into happy families.

Not all assured without a great foundation.
And you are half of the baby to be made.

I’ve helped so many apparently“infertile couples” reverse their fertility challenges, to happily ‘get pregnant’, have a healthy pregnancy, a bonny baby and the life they dreamed about.

Following Mother Nature can help you do the same.

Classic modern scenario – they come in to see me as to why they are not pregnant. They have been together 11 years, never using contraception – ‘trying’ to become pregnant over the past 4 – he finally had a sperm test a year ago – and the doctors say ‘you need to go to IVF’. (No mention of the dreadful sperm and the likelihood, of at best, a miscarriage, not a family full of children unless something is done about what the babies are to be made from FIRST).

Who knows why not? The desperate couple don’t. Doctors actually do not take a farmer’s (or a mother’s) look.

As I do, as I was working to assist couples become families well before IVF burst onto the scene. When nature was in charge. When no tests were needed after pregnancy – ‘I’m pregnant’ resulted in a healthy baby – way more often than now.  Reason why not easily naturally pregnant is not even looked for now.  What a great retail opportunity – ‘help’ you conceive . . . Why not – ask “why can’t we naturally and work to align ourselves back to where we just let go and le Nature?

If this resonates with you . .
Please do not accept the excuses.

Sex is for making babies.

As it always has till recently . .

So why is there no real investigation???


Nature can help you restore healthier sperm and eggs in a matter of months.


She has likely had extensive endometrial surgery (women are told that is stopping them – yet there is a larger elephant in the room). Why is no one wondering why there are no babies?

The medical excuse given is not the real reason . . . Just look at his sperm test – there it is!!! Did anyone tell them why IUI is not making babies, but making lots of money? No. Answer? 2% normal LOOKING sperm in a sample of 9million/ml is not going to even make an ICSI baby – and is easily and naturally remedied!! You need someone to have an old fashioned look at the problem – one that all farmers would still use today . .

I’ve uncovered the hidden (in plain view) secrets to reversing problems with the fertility and conception process which have caused many couples be labeled with the hopeless nasty title “infertile”!

Why is this approach different?
I look at the health – not the ‘fertility’ concerns . .  .
So simple!!
Ensuring perfect babies as you start with the right foundation.
Healthy parents – great children – just as nature always intended – the survival of the fittest –


Has any one asked – ‘is his sperm up for the job?’


In my clinical practice my focus has been on helping infertile couples who were suffering with confusion and anxiety about how to get pregnant… to get relief from their feelings of hopeless fertility failures.

You want to be clear on what is really wrong, and exactly what is unbalanced that is preventing you from producing healthy sperm and viable eggs. Leading to easy full term and enjoyable pregnancies.

You surely would like to know what is causing your problems with no easy babies made?
How to take the right steps to return to a healthier lifestyle to naturally restore your body’s balance is always part – if not all – of the answer.

Become baby ready  .  .in just a few months you and your partner may drastically improve the health and viability of your “baby making” equipment. Once you are certain that you are producing healthy sperm and eggs – (healthy enough to get easily get pregnant and happily carry to full term and birth your healthy baby) then start having happy (not fraught) sex again!

Your past fears will be replaced with a new confidence with a healthier outlook on being the “Proud Parents” you’ve always dreamed to be. Plus you will both be better bonded, more as a couple in this life journey together.

You and your partner are not on this path alone and you shouldn’t be trying to figure it all out by yourself.

You just need to reach out and ask for Nature’s help.

I have put together some simple solutions to what may be going ‘wrong’.

Being unbalanced means that you may need to make life style changes to get the ‘leftovers’ – sperm and egg quality being a measure as a health report – of this. Having healthy “baby making” equipment is what you need to do to quickly reverse ‘infertility’ challenges!  As all farmers know – only the best studs and the best baby makers and best feed for the breeders . .

In just a few months if you follow my instructions – you can become a more healthy and loving couple and may soon be able to be ready to commence baby making to then proudly announce…


“We’re PREGNANT!” to your friends, your families and coworkers!

Plus sign up for a coaching programme  to help you through the process of waiting till his sperm is bursting with fast swimmers in peak condition – and in the meantime, getting her body ready for a simple natural pregnancy – first time – and no testing. Don’t need to ‘hope’ all is well – as you have used this sensible baby insurance – made sure your baby is perfect . . .  before making him/her.

HOW?? Natural Practitioners have long been specializing in restoring normal fertility to couples well before fertility drugs, IVF or ICSI ever came along. With simple, natural solutions.

I have been working with childless couples and women for longer than IVF has been about. 35 years!!!

So you can rest easy. Follow nature . . .

I’ve also intertwined my professional life with raising my own four children.

My first child was born when I was 21, my second when I was 29, my third when at 31 and my fourth child at the ‘advanced age’ of 39. (With one random act of sex, when considered ‘out of pregnancy danger’ – always trying to NOT conceive – in my cycle).

Pretty incredible, right?  NO! This is what befell all women in times past as we were in a better state of being – as were the men.  Babies always followed sex.

With a strong interest in women’s health issues, (I was originally the only woman in Brisbane city working as an acupuncture consultant) my continual accidental pregnancies led me to branching into all forms of fertility and pregnancy management, to help those infertile couples who wanted to make a naturally better a baby. Those who then had no other option but to follow undoing why they were not parents naturally


My Client Has Always Been….


THE “BABY” You are Trying To Conceive


Why? Because once we get what we think we want – there is always more – and getting pregnant is not really what you want – having a perfectly healthy vibrant and robust baby who grows into a ‘top shelf’ person – is.

No fetal testing/scans needed to see if baby is ‘OK’ before telling excited relatives – perhaps start with baby insurance – perfect start to life – no need to wait till 3 months to tell everyone.

I’m controversial (even with my colleagues) my holistic methods to get pregnant do work

(Just so you know, I have written and taught under-graduate courses and still internationally give post graduate seminars on how to reverse fertility problems in couples as part of advanced natural fertility work.
This was all while I was treating infertility patients through my busy maternally orientated in Australia and New Zealand).


I have helped countless couples finally get pregnant and become Proud Parents!

“We were very young, trying to make babies – and all that was happening was miscarriages – 5 before we found Heather’s methods. Doctors said we had plenty of time, but all that was happening was more grief. Regularly I had another devastation!!  IVF was suggested but Michael only had 1 % normal looking sperm – why would we chance it?  We wanted a healthy baby. After a year of working on what Heather gave us as homework, I was successfully pregnant with our wonderful son”— Mary (21 years old)
“I was told that my sperm would never make me a dad. After seeing Heather, and discovering what I could do to undo how my bad sperm were being made, I set about changing everything. Now, I can’t imagine a life without having our two beautiful children in it!”  Frank

Often he thinks as he has already had a family with someone else . . .
Or . .
They already have children together
(And he is that much older and had more toxic exposure. . .)”
‘I went to see Heather about my own fertility. Told it was my age . .  She said – “you are OK – where is the dad-to-be?” After spending some time changing all that we were doing at home, and remarkably altering Greg’s diet and what he did in his day, he had way more energy, he was fit – and our number 3 baby was finally on the way!!” Stacey (42 years old)

Habits and stress change everything . .
“Months passed, so did the years – the gap was growing . . Upon seeing my wife, Heather suggested that this was all about me . . . . and after some discussion I got enough tips from talking with her to change a few crucial things I was doing.  We were soon pregnant with our twin boys after the simple changes she suggested!!! ‘ (David – now a dad of 6)

What makes the difference?
Start at the beginning . . .
Not making babies is a health issue – not a medical one – even if you have ‘medical’ challenges  – they can be undone and then fertility – a natural part of wellness – reasserts itself.

My aim is to get the men on the same team as the womenmaking naturally healthy babies!

I will reveal to you the likely reasons that you are not getting pregnant. Ones pre IVF were still in use and still work – Mother Nature is trying to help you – help her. If you want to carry to a healthy full term pregnancy – it is all a matter of following nature again ..


If you want to get pregnant with a wondrously healthy baby please keep reading…


You will find out how to reverse your fertility challenges, to easily conceive and bring a healthy happy child into the world. I assure you that when you read to the bottom of this page you will know exactly what you need to get ito beg baby ready. Not seeing untold external helpers – sort out tings yourself.

“become a happy pregnant couple” in just a few months.


I’ve helped couples conceive against the all odds, in a wide range of different types and severities of infertility…


…From low sperm counts, poor sperm quality and low sperm motility, blocked male or female tubes, early to late miscarriages, her polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, ovulation problems, her apparently advancing age, to other seemingly related infertility problems.

When you finally know the real reasons why your sperm counts are low, or the motility is “poor” or why even your body is not producing enough “healthy eggs”… or how your health is too unbalanced (at the moment) to conceive and support a pregnancy – then can you know the right steps to take (as a couple) to naturally restore your combined fertility and improve your joint reproductive health. And that of your children to be.

Yes, this does mean it takes two …


…because a woman can’t make a baby alone


You need to be supportive partners here, this is a joint venture – helping to work together “to get healthy” in order to produce a healthy baby.

OK, that’s all great to know now,


So you may ask – why listen to me,
and what I have to say?


1 – Healthy means fertile:

a life – not a medical issue is the foremost one to heal.


2 – I am speaking about sperm


3 – Uterine positioning – optimal – is vital.

For life not just easy birthing and easy fertility and/or periods. (Returning wellness to the pelvis – His and hers’).


I’m sure right now…

You wonder where all this is heading – after all – the doctor said . . .

(And you believed them)

Or – you may feel angry, disappointed and disillusioned in your Doctor because he/she is telling you and/or your partner is infertile and there’s nothing you can do except take the plunge into expensive fertility treatments, harsh synthetic drugs and painful hormone injections and the horrible expense of IVF!

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to spend many thousands every month on IVF, IUI or getting tests done to micromanage your ovulation cycles. It does make sense to stop and ask why nature is not winning without help – and fix this – as sex is for making babies. It makes sense to stop listening to, and supporting current medical nonsense – it is NOT working for you!




There is no money in finding out what the simple, and usually natural solution would be for you
There is a reason that sex is not making babies (YET)
Discovering this is not in the clinic’s best interests
FACT: Most couples going into IFV are not well enough to get pregnant or to have a healthy child in the first place!

The real truth is you (and/or your partner) can’t start making babies in the currently medically sanctioned UNBALANCED (UNWELL AND UNHEALTHY) physical state you are BOTH in.

I understand your confusion and frustration in hearing this – and with trying to conceive a healthy child. After all – you have done everything ‘right’ . .  . right?

Right now you are at wit’s end not knowing what is the right thing to do!

BUT, does taking ‘unnatural and synthetic hormones’ and ‘fertility drugs’ sound like a “normal and healthy thing to do to conceive a healthy and happy baby”?

Absolutely NOT!


You’re still childless right?
And often suffering with self doubt and FEELING extremely traumatized by being labeled “infertile” not to mention the huge out of pocket costs of trying to get pregnant!



(And not even ensuring you make the best children possible)

If you’ve been told the reason you as a couple can’t make a baby is (or a combination of)

That SHE

  • Is too old
  • Is too fat/or too thin/or too nervous
  • Doesn’t have enough healthy eggs
  • Has Polycystic ovaries/syndrome
  • She is not ovulating
  • Has endometriosis
  • Her Fallopian tubes are blocked…
  • Needs donor eggs

Or that your

  • Sperm count is ‘fine’, it’s her problem
  • Sperm count is low
  • Sperm is not good enough
  • Vasectomy reversal didn’t work
  • Need donor sperm

Or that there are

  • Early pregnancy losses
  • She has had multiple miscarriages

AND that the answer is . . .

  • You need IVF!What if – this is not the whole picture!!




Off Your Apparent Bad Luck!
Like many other “infertile couples”, you and your partner may have endured the humiliation and pain of years of failed fertility treatments and wasted tens of thousands of dollars on IVF!


You still don’t have children to show for all this life interruption and expense.

You and your partner may have had many harrowing and (dismally short) happy moments of thinking “We’re Pregnant” – all false starts which ended with the horrible news of a miscarriage over and over again!

Now you just don’t know if you can cope with the trauma of losing yet another sweet and precious life!

Maybe the real problem is; you, as a couple are just too anxious, over stressed and frustrated – to ever conceive and keep a healthy pregnancy to full term.


It’s just that You Both Are Just Not Well Enough, not YET…


But I can help you with that. This is not a medical, but a health issue.

It probably never was a medical problem – although after many rounds of failed IVF it is likely that now you DO have a medical problem or two… well as no baby.

 ‘I eventually sought Heather’s help – after years of family telling me to – but IVF had given me a miscarriage the first time, so I thought that it was just a matter of time.. . and after 4 years and us running out of money, losing a tube to a tubal IVF cycle, putting in 20 kg, having no sense of myself any longer and being totally shattered – and still not with babies – she said – where is HE? Once she had worked on both of us – and he had radically changed all that he ate, drank and did in a day – we accidentally and naturally conceived after staying on the healthy life program, a year after we had just left nature to take us wherever.   And 2 years later, I find myself pregnant all by ourselves – again.— (Michelle 33)

Start with a farming model – look to your health first!!!

This is what I did for all these couples – looked at them as a farmer or veterinarian would.

If you’ve been thinking about trying or have experienced the pain and heartbreak of IVF – (believing that you are infertile) and the only thing that can help you make a baby is IVF…




Let’s take a moment and think about this.


You just don’t hear about that much anymore, now do you?

Why is that?


Do you ever wonder what has changed and why so many Dads’
can’t get their partners pregnant anymore?

Let’s go back to Nature and think about why there is a problem like this now.

Farmers who breed animals always start with two healthy parents and use the best male animal, bull, ram, boar, stallion etc. to be the Father. That is what Farmers do, they cull those males which don’t produce and they get — gelded!

Imagine this scenario……

Farmers would go broke if they used any old sperm from a broken down breeding male.

So why are humans (Dads and Moms) any different?

You want the most perfect, healthy and vigorous baby you can have, right?

So that means no matter what is happening in the female, the Farmer knows it all starts with having a healthy, well-fed and vigorous MALE! (The Farmer won’t use just any old stud to breed with; he wants the healthiest and most motile sperm, and lots of it to make his females pregnant!)


SEX makes babies — and if not —
there is a problem waiting to be foundNOT more Medical Excuses!

When you work with me, and we use a holistic and natural approach to “making healthy sperm”… no one makes huge profits on IVF, or harmful fertility injections which just ruin a healthy body’s natural hormone cycles!

You know this only makes common sense to try the healthy route – just like the Farmer does.
He feeds his bull, ram, boar, and stallion the highest quality feed, and he makes sure the breeding male gets proper exercise, sunshine, fresh air and plenty of clean, and pure water!

Is your MALE getting the best environment to produce healthy sperm?

With all the doctors saying that 4% LOOKING normal is fertile (you have surely got to wonder what the DNA inside these 4% survivors is like – what has messed with all the others to have two heads, three tails etc) – you have to wonder how come women are now supposedly so much more fertile to accommodate such reproductive rubbish contribution from him?

Your dads had to have at least 80% looking normal (having one head and one tail) – to be classified as being the least fertile to manage making you!! Just imagine the horrors the medical technicians are now seeing that don’t make the 4% – as if this is any pass mark elsewhere in the world!!

If he hasn’t got at least the least possible that his father was supposed to have had (don’t say this is that medical excuse – ‘genetic’ – as he is here, right?? – then that’s the first step you need to take, and I can help you with that.

In often only just a few months from now you will both feel good and be healthy enough to make a baby together – which is ‘A NEW PARENT’S DREAM COME TRUE!’

On the other hand…

You could continue to be a “guinea pig” using what Modern Medicine assumes is “Approved Infertility Treatments” (which keep on changing as the results are lessened) – and endure horrible side effects from fertility drugs and injections, and undergo embarrassing and humiliating IVF treatments!

I’m sure your MALE would much prefer to try an “all natural treatment” that is 100% healthy and good for his sexy body, than having to be embarrassed by Medically Approved Sperm Testing, (in a room and doing it in a cup!)

If the best you can hope for is another round of “unhealthy conceptions” (using less than normal sperm) which will lead to 48% or higher incidence of miscarriages and a further reliance on retail medical industrial processes – invasive scans and fetal testing (which are NOT good for your new developing baby) please read on!

FACT: This leaves “Mothers-to-Be” IN A CONSTANT STATE OF ANXIETY – always worrying about problems with “losing it” – with no mention of why complications are happening and how to prevent them!


Is All This DRAMA AND ANXIETY What You Want?


Stop the madness – and WORK WITH Nature and with ME.

I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO  CREATE A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTHY SPERM AND TOP QUALITY EGGS so you two, AS A HEALTHY COUPLE, can make a perfect baby every time – as many as you want, when you want.

And GET PREGNANT NATURALLY… Just like your own Moms and Dad’s did – just like your Grandparents did too!

Remember – they were constantly worried about NOT GETTING PREGNANT!

Wouldn’t that be a easier problem to have?

Now let me explain a little more about why infertility is rampant in the world today.


Babies Follow The Path Of Happy Healthy Parents.


FACT: The ‘hopeless’ diagnosis of endometriosis, or bad sperm or low ovarian reserve (previously called ‘old eggs’), or maternal age… is just retail driven mediocrity in medicine.

Perfect conception, perfect pregnancy, and a PERFECT BABY may NOT be possible unless you backtrack and take a farmer’s look at what is happening and why your fertility is suffering.

The facts speak for themselves…

How could women get pregnant with only 4% looking normal sperm?

(That is what science says is the lowest threshold for normal conception.)

A farmer would have culled that stud long ago.  It’s too expensive for the farmer to allow a sick stud to be servicing females and not making normal, healthy calves, lambs, piglets, colts and fillies!

Think about this, so who really benefits (makes $$ money) from your infertility problems?


Let’s be honest here….

Does your Fertility Specialist know how to easily, safely and vastly improve sperm motility, normality and strength for higher fertility – without harmful fertility drugs or procedures?

They really don’t.

Or if they do (easily sourced as I did in written the eBooks in this package)

‘Nine and a half years not making a baby with my first wife – but she was pregnant 6 months after meeting her new man . . . so when I found my new wonder woman – I felt it probable the problem was mine. . .so I got a test’. “Phew” – all good – said the doctor. Heather said – how much of this are you exposed to? And when I told her, I was told to STOP IT INSTANTLY and to look at a few really basic things – which I did diligently – and baby umber 2 happened way before we were ready – baby one – 3 months after I started doing these three basic things. . .’ (Paul, 43 years old)

This information is not taught in Medical Schools or even in many OB GYN schools, because this is outside the medical profession’s scope of practice!

On the flip side…


So what do all Naturopaths (Natural Healers)

do that’s different to reverse infertility?

This is really easy — just follow the Farmer’s methods for how he treats and cares for his Prize Stud!

Get Dad on a healthy lifestyle, with good food, sunshine, clean air and water and in just a few months
his sperm are restored to good health, with complete heads, and tails and swim vigorously and –
are ready and raring to go!

‘We consulted Heather, as no one could tell us why we as two fit and healthy young people were not making children – and she said – stop doing this – and we did. 6 weeks later I was miraculously pregnant – but lost it – and soon after we were pregnant again – and then within a very short time gap – whoops – number two happened – what was the secret? In plain view ..  .he had to stop doing this very simple thing. . .’ — Melanie, 32

Why a miscarriage first? Too soon – have to wait to clear all the dud sperm . .

Yes, it really is this easy… But you do have to start living a healthier lifestyle, and this means cleaning up what you eat / what you do / how you live and the exercise you get!


Stop The Madness! STOP Using Clomid, and
Popular Fertility Treatments like IVF, ICSI


That simple.

That is where I come in. It’s about making good quality babies from healthy sperm and eggs!

FACT: One in five couples supposedly is not getting pregnant so they are sent straight to IVF and no one is looking at their health.

Of the last 30 couples I have seen not one of them has normal sperm.  (Even at 4% – one couple had 7% – half than what was seen to be the least possible fertile only a short 4 years ago).  THREE had no NORMAL LOOKING sperm at all – none!!! And all were supposed to go off to IVF to somehow magically make babies with that!!!  This was almost unheard of a few years ago…..


What are sperm to do?  Rapidly find an egg and get into it!!!!!


Men are supposed to have 250 million sperm, not two million/ml like some of the couples I see. “Baby Making Success” is taken from the rate of sperm swimming.


… You May Have Less Than Vigorous Baby Makers!

In the past 30 years, the acceptable “fertile” sperm level has dropped from 80% to now more than 3%. (This is just LOOKING normal – they well may well not be able to penetrate the egg, or have perfect DNA) This is simply not acceptable – and your new baby deserves better.

In addition – back in 1971 — only 1 in 50 Mothers was over the age of 35, today it is 1 in 5!

Our overall health and quality of lifestyle leading up to conception greatly affects our ability to not only conceive a child, but to conceive a great child.

That’s Right. A great child!

And that’s what you both want. If you wait until she is pregnant to become aware and concerned for the health of your baby, you’re months too late!

You and your future baby (and your new family) are already at a huge disadvantage.


You can’t easily fix a broken baby




I’m Telling You How It Is
and Its Going To Get MUCH Worse!


By know you’re probably even angrier than when you first started reading this page.

In a way that is good anger.  Use it – to change.

Why? Because you didn’t realize natural health existed and you didn’t know the truth or any other way to create a healthy baby. But now you do. With this help at hand.

The Medical Profession may not want to lose you as a customer.

Especially… If you’re one of those “infertile couples” struggling to get pregnant for 2, 3, 5 or 10 years or more! You could have become Proud Parents months or even years ago!

You could have conceived a really healthy baby so much sooner!

The sad truth is that all this confusion and incredible frustration is due to this generation’s warped and misguided view on reproduction! Who is fueling this misinformation campaign? (She is too old, has endo, AMH too low, FSH too high . . .)

Modern medicine and reproductive technology is HEAVILY geared towards female fertility issues, while blatantly ignoring the other half of the reproductive process… the male contribution.



How To Help Your Sperm Become Super Healthy and Vigorous Swimmers!




Supercharge Your Sperm!



Introducing a new life changing infertility treatment!



Here is a quick preview of what you’ll learn to make better sperm!

  • Warning: 3 things that are deadly to sperm health!
  • What to do if you do have damaged sperm
  • What to do if there are no sperm at all
  • Why your lifestyle can be causing you to produce low sperm counts
  • What to look for, in order to know your sperm quality
  • How to discover what you are doing that is harming your sperm health
  • Why the ability of your sperm to swim is critical to conception
  • Sperm abnormalities, multiple heads and tails and what causes it
  • Sperm Quality Signs: find out if your sperm are good baby makers or not
  • Why alcohol, smoking and even (2nd/ /3 rd hand smoke) are “fetal poisons”!
  • Learn how and why invisible environmental toxins can harm your sperm
  • How to avoid environmental toxins and remove them from your body
  • What NEVER to do before trying to have sex for conception
  • The early signs: What’s in your cells that preventing you from falling pregnant
  • What fertility and sperm tests to take to find out if your sperm are healthy or not
  • Hydration – How much Water should you be drinking and what kind?
  • What supplements to take and how much to repair damaged and low quality sperm
  • Diet and the Food You Eat – how some foods and drinks can reduce sperm motility
  • Microwaves, cell phones, lap tops and other devices can be harming your sperm
  • How to deal with gut problems and why certain foods and drinks kill sperm
  • Why Medications and prescription drugs can cause abnormal sperm
  • How to deal with those hidden conception and infertility problems
  • How “suspect sperm” cause miscarriages and what to do about this


  • What to do if HE won’t take a sperm test
  • How to restore healthy sperm to a man who as “no sperm at all”
  • Treatments for sperm motility problems, low sperm volume and dead sperm
  • How chronic stress, poor diet, lack of exercise produces defective sperm
  • What is a BBT and how does a low BBT indicate sperm issues
  • Reversing impotence with natural treatment methods
  • Blocked tubes and sperm problems linked to thyroid issues
  • Stillbirths and miscarriages – problems with mineral deficiencies
  • Exercise and Massages for the “Baby Making” Equipment
  • Gourmet Sex – what is it and how it increases your chances of getting pregnant
  • What you can do to ensure your baby is born full term without complications
  • How to reduce and even prevent your baby cultivating allergies, asthma
  • The importance of the MALE HALF and holding his half of the genetic package
  • How to avoid serious birth defects, health issues and even pediatric cancer
  • What to do if ICSI seems to be your ONLY OPTION


  • Tips to prepare for conception in the healthiest and most natural way possible
  • How to create a baby so you can be Proud Parents with a happy, and a
    healthy baby who giggles and smiles at everyone!
  • and so much more!


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Look, you know a great child starts with the male contribution and this is equally met with the woman’s contribution.  Therefore, the process begins far earlier – way before you conceive your child… it begins with HIM.  Unlike any farming enterprise, he is given a green light by virtue of basically having a penis – as it is for humans, a money making venture, not a making a best baby possible exercise.

Do yourself a favor and sit your partner down with this downloadable book and show them the truth.

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Research Guide: Improving Sperm Quality

ebook3D-2No more perfect embryos not making it into your arms….No more chemical pregnancies…..No more miscarriages at 6/7 weeks.

Modern medicine is about disease management – not health restoration and rebalancing your sperm health. If you want to become a father naturally you need to stop sperm destroying habits – and supercharged your sperm into super swimmers! I’ve helped many “infertile men” who are now very happily fathers!

A common scenario

You may be having many reproductive mishaps – often after years of doing everything ‘right’ – and unsure as to why there were only miscarriages, unsatisfactory embryo transplants or not even fertilization to show for all your efforts. You need to know the very simple things you could do improve your chances of being a Dad by supercharging your sperm.

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“Why is Your IVF is Not Working”

ebook3D-3“Why is my IVF/Baby making efforts not working and what am I doing wrong?” is the first question most of my patients who have tried IVF and failed to make a baby tell me. You may have spent years of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars on IVF and you are still NOT PREGNANT. You have had many harrowing false starts and just don’t know if you can cope with the trauma. Your Medical Doctor/person just seems to have ‘excuses’. FACT: Maybe you both are just not well enough YET. Find out why IVF may not be working. Discover how to restore the balance to your body so you can “make the best baby” you can. So does your fertility specialist know how to easily, safely and vastly improve sperm motility, normality and strength for fertility? If not then this book is a must read for you!


Another common scenario –





She is 27, highly driven at work, in a nervous state due to all the medical pressures put on her over the lack of babies. He has 1% normal looking sperm – in a sample that only had 3 million anyway – and is not in a great state of health  (hence the sperm as they were). After many rounds of IVF and exhausting their budget and hopes, she is sat down with a folder of potential egg donors. WHAT!!!! Where is the sense in using useless sperm with someone else’s eggs?

Please – rethink the whole business – babies happen for countless couples who stop the IVF business and look back to nature. .  Sex is supposed to make babies – every time!!!

“Why is Your IVF is Not Working”

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“Avoiding Early Pregnancy Loss”

ebook3D-4How to make sure you do not have another miscarriage, or to ensure that the IVF implantation results in a baby. This guide explores how you can make sure you and your baby is in perfect health. It covers in detail many questions couples have about how to lessen the chances of a false start and what to do if you miscarry (especially if it has happened before.) The causes and how to help prevent a miscarriage are discussed in detail.


Another common scenario –




Four miscarriages later – every time we had unprotected sex – there I am pregnant again – till 6 weeks and three days – and there it goes again . . .all our hope and dreams – baby not sticking .. . I was so upset – no sex for 8 months. Then I found Heather and she said . . . and I did . . .and then he had to  .  . and finally when he did – and we waited the 4 months (I was keen to go again and she reminded me that it takes two to make a baby – not a pregnancy that is lost AGAIN..  . I couldn’t do his bit for him – and here we are – a beautiful daughter later – totally healthy – even our families speak of the incredibly well baby we made – all because we took the time to make the best one we could!!!’ Melanie, 34

For Her – Periods and what they should be like.

For HIM – how his contribution says whether a precious embryo develops past 6 weeks.

Learn how the role of proper nourishment and how critical eating well is to avoiding an early pregnancy loss.  The Acupuncture Model is used to explain how a can be in balance and work well or not. Find out common infertility problems like Blighted Ovums, Molar Pregnancy, Ectopic Pregnancy, Incompetent Cervix, and Imminent Miscarriage and what to do when things are not going as expected. Finally, I talk about how to heal after a miscarriage/reproductive mishap and what to do to return to perfect health again.

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‘Making Quality Babies’ and ‘Helping Mother Nature – A Natural Fertility Guide’




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Heather Bruce

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